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Here's What Customers Say about Ragtime

"Great store, my wife loves it! We come here whenever we're in town, all the way from Florida!" -- Cathy and Jerry from Vero Beach, Florida


Sarah from Mt. Jackson, Virginia "How wonderful to visit a store that has a pleasing atmosphere and top-rate service.  Ragtime Fabrics has quality materials, but more importantly, quality people ready to help you with whatever project you're working on. Thank you for making my shopping experience so fabulous and hassle-free.  Thank you for your smiles and friendly personalities!" —


"Such a colorful and happy store.  A great selection of fabric and with a very helpful staff.  What a wonderful store.  I'll definitely be coming back!" —Amanda from Waynesboro, Virginia


"Great prices!  We'll be back!" —Shirley from Blackstone, Virginia                               

"Fabulous store!  Have buttons to last until my next trip to the USA!" —Emma from Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

"Hi.  My name is Sofya.  I think this store is awesome.  This is the best fabric store ever.  My mom loves the music you should make it louder!" —Sofya


"Ya'll have an amazing selection!  I love the chairs.  This way, when my mom stays here for a good hour, I can sit down and be lazy.  Also, wonderful staff!  Always willing to help." —Tiffany from Staunton, Virginia


"This store is amazing.  I'm about to learn how to sew and I'm super excited!" —Savannah M.

"It's organized and there are many different fabrics that I've never seen before.  Some are strange, but that's in a good way.  It's very cool and it keeps you entertained and busy."  —Kayla


"I'm just sitting here waiting on my mom and sister to choose some fabric for my sister's sewing camp.  I love this place!  So many fabrics!  Nice selection, everything you need.

P.S. cozy chairs!" —Jack

"I love your shop!  I could spend my entire vacation in just your store!  Wish there was one in Myrtle Beach." —Sonji from South Carolina


"I wait from one trip to Massanutten to the next to be able to visit Ragtime.  I sure wish it was closer to Durham!"  —Mandy from Chapel Hill, North Carolina


"The minute I walked into this store, I had a sudden impression of warmth and color.  If someone asked me how many stars I would give this store out of 5, I would give 5!" —Augusta N.


"You stole my wife and I want her back!" —Kevin from Rockville, Maryland


"Forget wives.  I want my mother back!  (Thanks for the armchairs or I would be wandering the aisles with her FOREVER!) —Cat from Vesuvius, Virginia

"I love Ragtime!  I write in this book every time I come here and I have never had anything to complain about!!  I'm a ballerina and my mom is the wardrobe mistress.  We come here a lot if we ever need to embellish tutus." —Tiffany & Annette from Churchville, VA

"I'm glad you are here because I (a) wouldn't know how to sew and (b) wouldn't have a Halloween costume." —Elizabeth

​​"I could spend all day here!" —Theresa from Boothwyn, PA

"I'd say if you can't find it here, it's probably not made." —Anna from western Maryland

"Four of us from Arlington, Alexandria and D.C. were here.  Great fun items!  This is a perfect place to get stuff for a Project Runway outfit." —Kath, Kerry, Andrea and Carol

"This store is the best!  We always find what we need for costumes!!!  Thank you!" —Sarah

"To: The Country Register
    When I moved from Maryland to Harrisonburg, Virginia, fourteen months ago, it was heartbreaking because there was no JoAnn's fabric store here, like the one I visited weekly in Bel Air, Maryland.
      After complaining about the lack of a JoAnn's store, my granddaughter's husband told me to try "Ragtime" in Harrisonburg.
      Eureka!  The Ragtime answers all my sewing needs, but the best part is the expertise of all of their workers!  They are so helpful.  Ragtime isn't the "cold" store of JoAnn's, with lots of things to sell but you are on your own to find what you think you need.  Ragtime staff are like family, they're really great people.
       Their move to a larger area store is marvelous and is now handicapped available.  These ladies are truly wonderful!
          Sincerely, Joyce D."

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