Summer Kid Camps are Back!!

Ragtime is delighted to once again offer Kids’ Sewing Camps for this summer! 

We very much look forward to teaching children ages 8-18 to sew, which strengthens their motor skills and develops their creativity.  We have certainly missed having their youthful energy in the store with us. Our teaching staff has been fully vaccinated. 


Given the nature of our current circumstances, summer camps will be managed differently.  PLEASE READ the following details carefully.

  1.  Obviously, we will need to follow CDC guidelines for the safety of all involved.  This means our students will need to properly wear a mask during the duration of class.  We will be screening students for fever or any other symptoms as they arrive each day.  This also requires that classes be limited to 6 students.  As before, camps are 5 weekdays, 3 hours each day.

  2. There are several factors that could still interrupt our plans, many of which would be completely out of our control.  For this reason, we will NOT collect any money until 5 weeks prior to each camp.  We DO ask that you sign up your child (by registering)  for whichever camp you choose.  Each request will be put on our class lists as first come, first served.  After the first 6 students, we will start a waiting list.  Sign-ups can also be taken over the phone or in person at the store.

  3. We will contact you via email 5 weeks prior to your child’s camp to alert you about payments.  We will reach out again to any on the list who have not paid 3 weeks before camp.  If we have not received payment nor heard from you up to this point (3 weeks before camp), we will remove your child from the slot and contact someone on the waiting list.  Please be courteous to others if your plans change.  Please contact us as soon as possible to remove your child from the list if they are unable to attend camp.

  4. All camps this year will be a flat fee of $125.  We will not have a notions kit fee as we have in the past.  Those items will be included in the price of camp.  Your child still will need to purchase their fabrics and any other supplies that will be unique to their projects.  When time for camp draws closer, we will give you the supply list which will detail the items included in the camp fee and the items to still purchase.  To further clarify, we include supplies which are the same for all the students in a particular camp (i.e., elastic, batting, foam, interfacing, etc).  However, your child will want to pick out their own fabrics and threads for their projects.  This is what makes them uniquely theirs. 

  5. Please allow your child sufficient time before camp to come into the store and pick their fabrics.  They really enjoy this step of the creative process.  Because of uncertainties, we will not hand out supply lists until June 1 when collection of payments begins.  We do request that fabrics for projects be washed, dried and pressed before camp.

  6. We will need the following information as you send in your request to place your child on a camp list--

Your name

Child’s name and age (Place in Comments)

Email and phone *

*This will be the phone number we call if there is a problem during camp.  If you need us to contact a different number for actual camp hours, please inform us.


Now on to the fun stuff!!  Pick a camp, sign up.  Be sure to read the information on the Welcome Letter.  We will need the Release Form filled out by the first day of camp.  Both of these can either be picked up in the store or printed here.  We will also ask you to sign a special Covid waiver on the first day of camp.