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"The Wedding Dress"

Once upon a time in Polecat Hollow was a family named Good.  This family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Good and their daughters, #1, #2, #3, and #4.  They lived and worked happily on their small mountain poultry farm.

 As time passed, the question remained.  How long would this ​small family of girls remain intact?

Sure enough, one day, “Prince Charming” #1 came calling and Daughter #3’s heart was smitten.  Before long wedding bells began to ring.  An October wedding was planned, and a wedding dress needed to be made.  Would you believe it?  This wedding dress was made from some free white fabric ​and completed with lace bought from none other than Ragtime Fabrics! “The Wedding Dress” performed successfully, and the couple was sent happily ​on their honeymoon.

Lo and behold, “Prince Charming” #2, the twin brother of #1, came calling next.  This time it was Daughter #4 whose heart was smitten.  Their wedding date was set 5 months later in February. 

Since this daughter was a busy school teacher and needed to make many plans for the wedding while teaching, she opted to wear “The Wedding Dress."  Once again, “The Wedding Dress” performed its duty and another happy couple was sent on ​their way.

Now, daughter #2 had a pillow which displayed her sentiments.  She wasn’t going to be swept off her feet!

B​ut…this time “Prince Charming” came in the form of a tall, lanky, 6-footer.  He, being Mr. Right, became the next instigator in making wedding bells ring.  Daughter #2 being the no-nonsense, frugal, get-it-done person that she is, she decided “The Wedding Dress” was fine for her.  Sure enough, it performed beautifully, and another couple was sent off ​into the horizon!

Daughter #2 decided she no longer had use for her pillow and bequeathed it to sister #1.   Daughter #1 had many suitors who came and went, yet she remained single, waiting for Mr. Right.  While waiting she joined the SAND club (Single and NOT Desperate).    However, in this club was another non-desperate young fellow and HE became the next “Prince Charming."

Daughters #4, #3, and #2 joined in chorus, "You must wear The Wedding Dress!" Daughter #1 was happy to comply knowing the dress was well seasoned for such an event.  Sure enough, the dress performed flawlessly, ​and the oldest daughter ​and Mr. Right were joined in holy matrimony.

“The Wedding Dress” lives happily ever after, hanging blissfully in a closet in Polecat Hollow. You never know what a free piece of fabric and a little lace bought from Ragtime Fabrics will do!!!

~Thelma Editor's Note:  This story is actually a true fairy tale from Thelma's family!

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