Ragtime Fabrics - Class Policies

Note: If you are enrolling your child in a Kids' Camp, please click here for the Welcome Letter that explains camp policies. 
  • A minimum of two (2) students will be required for a class to be held. 

  • Should the attendance requirement not be met, credit will be applied to another class or store credit will be issued.

  • Payment is required at time of registration. 

  • You are welcome to use one of our machines or to bring your own.  Please let us know at the time you register for a class if you need to reserve a machine.

  • Machines are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • If a class is cancelled due to weather, the class will be rescheduled.

  • Cancellation by the student must be 48 hours prior to scheduled class in order to receive credit.  "No shows" can not be rescheduled or credited;  however, the student may set up a private lesson, following the fee schedule for private lessons, at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Supply lists will be provided at the time of registration, and a 10% discount will be offered for class supplies.  It is recommended to wait until a week before class to purchase supplies to ensure the minimum attendance requirement is met.

  • Ragtime Fabrics does not follow any weather-related school closing guidelines.  Call the store if you are unsure of a weather-related closure.

An Explanation of Class Fees

​The Instruction Fee is the base fee we charge for each camp to cover the expert teachers responsible for the sewing instruction.  This is the ONLY fee that you can pay online.  Because the others items are very specific to the individual camps, those fees will need to be paid for in the store where you also can pick up necessary paperwork and buy supplies.

The Notions Kit Fee varies with each camp.  It includes any supplies that are universal for each student in that particular camp.  These items might be such things as a pattern, a piece of interfacing, a pair of animal eyes, elastic, stuffing, etc.  We determine how much each student will need and only charge for the small piece.  If parents had to buy the minimum amount of these items, they would cost much more. For example, instead of buying a whole package of 12 eyes, your child is only paying for 2 out of the package.  Or if you had to buy a minimum 1/4 yard of interfacing or felt, it would cost much more than the 5" square piece your child may need for the camp.  We maximize usage of these supplies to cut down on waste and to charge less.

Supplies also vary with each camp and with your child.  These items will mostly be fabrics and matching threads for them to choose with their creative minds.  This is the whole purpose of sewing your own projects!  Students get to decide what their projects will look like and make them uniquely theirs.  The cost of supplies will depend on how much fabric is needed for the camp's projects and the cost of the fabrics chosen.  Any items bought as supplies for camps receive a 10% discount.

Sewing Tools will also be needed for your child to be ready for camp.  These items are listed on our Welcome Letter.  These tools are to be used over and over as they are not one-time use.  Your family may have some or all of these items at home.  You may have someone you can borrow them from.  If you want to invest in your child's sewing interest, we recommend you buy these tools for your child to own.  If you have none of the tools on our list, we have conveniently bagged them all together for you to buy.  You can ask for them at the cutting counter.  If you only need a few items, we can show you where to find them in the store.  You also receive a 10% discount on sewing tools for camp.